Publicized data breaches at major retailers and social media giants have established cyber security is more than a basic IT concern.

A cyber security event can interrupt simple, daily business activities or even cause drastic financial losses, destroying consumer confidence and putting the company’s future at risk. Precise cyber security is no longer an option; it is a vital part of corporate risk management strategy.

Our clients’ security programs cannot evolve until they know where to start making changes. That’s why we created our cyber security advisory services. We perform a thorough evaluation of a client’s processes, workflows, planning, and organizational structure to determine organizational risks and establish business objectives. We compare industry best practices to our client’s current program, identifying optimal changes to build a relevant, actionable, and sustainable security program.

An effective security program must not only address a growing list of threats, but also align with business goals. When designed with a client’s specific business needs in mind, our security program improves operational efficiency, contains costs, and increases ROI in technology while protecting users, information, and the organization.

Alȳn helps organizations develop and/or enhance existing cyber security strategies. We provide collaborative and strategic services to help our clients design, shape, and run a security program. Working among a variety of clients—some as large as federal government agencies as well as smaller commercial operations—has honed our expertise in supporting operational services, building security organizations, and advising leadership on daily events.

Alȳn Cyber Security Advisory Services support can:

  • Align security initiatives with clients’ business goals.
  • Create a roadmap to address gaps in clients’ security programs.
  • Prioritize initiatives and better allocate resources.
  • Articulate a clear vision.
  • Build the best team.
  • Enhance and streamline current operations.