I’ve been interning with Alӯn, Inc. for a little over 6 months and am currently focusing in Digital Forensics. After sharing some of my career goals with a friend, he mentioned that he knew of a company worth reaching out to. Upon learning more about Alӯn, Inc. and all they were doing in the Cyber Security industry, I assumed such a company would have limited time to communicate with someone new to the field. I was surprised when a member of their staff scheduled a phone call to learn more about my interests in Cyber Security. From the first phone call, I could sense not only the professionalism but also the genuine interest in helping me find the right path for my career goals. In every phone call, Alӯn’s staff answered any questions I had and always ended the call with what to expect next and when.

Upon joining the internship, I was introduced to other staff members who shared the authentic professionalism as my initial contact. I quickly settled in with the team and began learning. The foundational curriculum—taught by one of their many industry professionals— is always followed by practical, hands-on experience, enabling me to use what I learn in a “real world” case scenario. My weekly lessons are clear and methodical, and I am free to ask questions at any time.

The training I’ve received and the staff I have had the privilege of working alongside have proven invaluable to my career. I look forward to continuing my internship.

-John M