Rubiks Cube


Alȳn expertise, experience, and skills are as follows: artificial intelligence, machine learning, AI/ML solutions, data monitoring strategy, cyber security analytics, correlation rules, supervised learning, deep learning, anomaly detection, user behavior analytics, defensive cyber operations, operationalizing threat intelligence, open source research, classified research, intelligence reports/briefings, classified reports/briefings, threat intelligence portal (TIP), the TCPED intelligence collection cycle, scripting, python, security analysis, network security, proactive sensing, threat detection, incident avoidance, rapid response, increased cyber operational agility, advanced incident response investigations, cyber forensics, cyber forensic analysis, digital analysis, computer forensics, digital media exploitation, advanced persistent threats, focused operations, nation state actors/threats, computer network exploitation, human analytical SME, cyber threat data sharing, cloud security/systems engineering, tailored mitigation strategies, research and analysis, TTP/TTPs, spot analysis, cyber incidents, data collection, event detection, analyzing events, memory analysis, event log analysis, indicators of compromise (IOCs), advanced data collection and analysis techniques, threat operation center (TOC), fusion analyst, cyber fusion center, threat projections, partner integration, federal partner security analytics, joint inter-agency partnership, joint fusion integration, joint defensive planning, cyber sector support, public sector, private sector, public and private sector, predictive analysis, federal projections analyst, an federal projections liaison.