Alȳn Inc. has successfully provided value added Cybersecurity services to the Federal Government and Fortune 50 for over 10 years. With this experience and our battle-hardened, dedicated Cybersecurity expertise, we are expanding into the Commercial Sector.

Through industry research and our experience working with top tier organizations, we have identified major gaps in the way organizations maintain their Cybersecurity structure and workflows, and have found rampant skilled labor shortages and confusion over role responsibilities. The teams most affected by these gaps are Incident Management, Digital Forensics, Threat Hunting, Threat Intelligence, and Big Data Analytics.

These gaps are the result of multiple factors:

  • Unexpected role changes: An April 2020 survey by (ISC)2 reveals 81% of respondents’ job functions changed in some capacity. Security specialists remained accountable for legacy day-to-day security operations duties, but were suddenly responsible for the migration to virtual connectivity, public and private cloud, containerization and microservices security.
  • COVID-19: The global pandemic only compounded Cybersecurity deficiencies. As the workforce shifted to working remotely, threat actors were diligently exploiting the resulting security weaknesses. This sudden, unpredicted shift in businesses operations caused much confusion between disparate security teams.
  • Skilled labor shortage: According to an article in the CIO Economic Times—also cited in a separate (ISC)2 article as well as several other sources—the skilled labor shortage will increase to 3.5 million open cybersecurity positions by 2021.
  • Increased attack complexities: Continually evolving attack surface and threat actors with advanced technologies and vast budgets (Nation States) leave most organizations struggling to keep up with the demand for increased security controls and mandates. This leaves organizations vulnerable and in need of external staff augmentation.

Alȳn has a Federal Government and Fortune 50 tested approach to these issues. We support organizations in their strive for efficiency, effectiveness, and consolidation while maintaining our Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (CIA).  Alȳn works hard to understand your company’s mission, goals, and objectives to provide a strategy tailored to your organizational needs and requirements.

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