CYBER SECURITY Providing Strategic and Operational Cyber Security Operations support to the largest federal agencies and fortune 50 companies across the globe. HUBZONE CERTIFIED Alyn, Inc. has received HUBZone certification from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). INTERNSHIPS Providing Georgia's largest Cyber Security Operations internship program, giving interns real experience in the trenches. HEALTHCARE & PUBLIC HEALTH
Alȳn has supported the largest healthcare organizations across the federal and private sector. We know how to secure the healthcare sector.
SURGE SUPPORT Digital Forensics & Penetration Testing Services for the small & mid-sized business market


Building the cybersecurity industry to the exact specifications of tomorrow.

Alȳn Inc. partners with Fortune 50 and top government agencies to help develop or realign their Cybersecurity Operations programs with NextGen initiatives by evaluating organizational structure, roles and responsibilities, and business objectives. We place experts in the organization to help guide the realignment of the program or fill skills gaps for better efficiency and effectiveness.

Whether it be threat intelligence, threat hunting, big data analytics, red team, or digital forensics, Alȳn Inc. has been a trusted partner for over a decade.


Cyber Security
Advisory Services

Design, shape and run a security program aligned with your business goals and objectives

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Digital Forensic
Incident Response

Scope the incident accurately, speeding up containment and enhancing the security of the network

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Cyber Threat

Compete with cyber criminals in a daily game of cat and mouse

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Cyber Threat

Operationalize cyber threat intelligence by developing, collecting and enriching data

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Security Big Data

Often known as Security Data Lakes (SDL)—centralize data otherwise siloed within separate security products

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Emulates current, real world threats to uncover the weaknesses in your network

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Cybersecurity Skilled Labor Shortage

Alȳn Inc. has successfully provided value added Cybersecurity services to the Federal Government and Fortune 50 for over 10 years. With this experience and our battle-hardened, dedicated Cybersecurity expertise, we are expanding into the Commercial Sector. Through industry research and our experience working with top tier organizations, we have identified major gaps in the way organizations maintain their Cybersecurity structure and [...]

Building Blocks for a Successful Cybersecurity Strategy

Building a successful Cybersecurity strategy is not complicated but is essential to successfully revamping a stagnant cybersecurity program. The strategy is the path from your “current state” to where you want to be—the “strategic objective”. Reaching the desired future state requires the organization’s security posture, level of risk, and objectives be defined and understood. Consider the following five objectives when developing [...]

Best Practices to Secure Your Organization

The current cyber threat landscape places business at a constant state of alarm. Businesses find themselves in a non-stop battle against viruses, Trojans, and hackers, some of which aim at stealing valuable intellectual property, while others just wreak havoc for the IT personnel and interrupt operations.  However, not all threats are external to an organization.  Some of the most damaging [...]

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